Monday, March 1, 2010

Mass Effect 2 - Suicide Mission Video Survival Guide - No One Left Behind Achievement

 Mass Effect 2
To get the No One Left Behind achievement requires that you do a few things in the game properly in order to have a flawless mission.  Follow the list below and watch the videos to find out how to earn this achievement.
  • Make sure the Normandy is fitted with all ship upgrades
  • All crew members should be loyal which means you should do all the loyalty missions before the Reaper IFF is ready
  • Crew fights should be settled with paragon or renegade dialog options or you will lose loyalty from one of them
  • Tech Specialist should either be Tali'Zorah or Legion
  • Secondary squad leader should be Garrus or Miranda which occurs two times throughout the mission
  • Normandy crew escort should be Mordin or he's susceptible to a random death
  • Biotic specialist should either be Jack or Samara
  • Final boss squad can be anyone in particular
Note if you do not have loyal members going into the mission, they can and will randomly die.  Easier difficulty settings allow for a higher chance of surviving random deaths if you are stuck with non loyal crew members.

The following section is a video walkthrough i created to demonstrate these choices put into effect.

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