Thursday, June 24, 2010

STEAM summer video game sale!

STEAM is selling a lot of great games for big discounts until July 4th.

This is just a glimpse at what you can find in the store.

Every 2K game for $89.00
$49.99 for the THQ complete pack
$74.99 for all Star Wars games aside from the LEGO titles
66% off all Atari games 
1C collection: $19.99
25% off all Square/Eidos games  
25% off all Rockstar games 
25% off all  2k  games
33% off all Viva Media games
33% off Globel Agenda
TellTale Everything pack for $49.99
55% off id Super Pack  
50% off all Epic games
33% off all Capcom games. 
Call of Duty Collection for $29.99 (all PC COD games except Modern Warfare 2) 
33% off all Ubisoft games
33% Off Valve Complete Pack
75% Off all Meridian4 games
50% off all Rebellion games
50% off all Paradox games
30% off all PopCap games
50% Off Torchlight 
66% off all Kalypsp games
50% off all Focus games
50% off all Novalogic games
introversion complete pack: $5.00
50% off all SouthPeak games
33% off all nc soft games
50% off all JoWood games
X-COM complete pack: $11.24

Thanks to EpicSteve @ for making me notice this earlier today.

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