Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Free Dragon Age 2 Unlocks

Dragon Age 2 is coming out next week, so in preparation here are a few ways to get some free items and weapons.

The first 3 unlocks involve playing the demo on either the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC.   When you complete the demo your EA account will be flagged for an unlock for a shiny new sword named Hayder's Razor.   Also if 1 million people play the demo collectively, they will receive 2 free tomes on their account.   You can download the demo at the link right HERE.

The next few items can be acquired by subscribing to the Dragon Age 2 newsletter.  The Staff Of Parthalan can be grabbed at this link.  There is also a Penny-Arcade belt that you can get as well from subscribing to the newsletter.  If you want the details to that belt you can see it HERE at this link.

There are 5 additional items you can unlock through the Dragon Age Legends facebook game when it comes out of beta.  As of now it is not active and will update later when the game goes live.

If you bought Dead Space 2 there is also a free code to unlock Ser Isaac's Armor set.

Then there's the Pre-Order Bonuses.   Which all seem to be the same from every store offering pre-orders.  You will receive a shield and a sword if you pre-order before March 8th.  So if you haven't pre-ordered your game yet and you want these items.  Feel free to check out my amazon link below.

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