Thursday, March 17, 2011

High Dragon on Nightmare - Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 

Hey folks, just Marz here making another strategy guide/video for Dragon Age 2 and this time we have the HIGH DRAGON on Nightmare Difficulty. So first off your going to want to prepare before you engage this beast, i recommend enchanting all your armor with fire resist runes. Fire resist makes this fight almost a joke because her fireballs won't hit as hard and your damage intake is almost none during her ground phase. I think i had hawke at about 60% and all my other party members around 90% fire resist.

Other items on the list to you might want to bring are some mighty offense potions for your damage dealers. Maybe some ressurection potions if you don't bring Anders along.

So my main team is Hawke, Isabela, Anders and Aveline. I could have made this fight even easier on myself if you brought along another ranged DPS like Varric or Merrill instead of Isabela, but i'm a rogue kinda guy so i stuck with it.

Her basic ground phase is pretty easy to deal with so what your going to want to do is have people hold position and spread them out a little bit. Go in with your tank and taunt her. Now you can either try to deal with her melee damage or just stand a little outside her melee range with your tank still taunting her when the cooldown is up. She will go into fireball mode and if your tank is equipped with fire resist then they will take basically no damage at all. I don't really do it in the first part of the video but it works pretty well with minimal danger.

She will fly around and shoot fireballs at the nearest person but all you have to do is readjust your tank and it shouldn't be a problem.

If you insist on going in with a melee rogue, try to keep to her sides so you dont' get destroyed by her tail whip and jump in and out while your cooldowns refresh. But this is basically all you have to do for her ground phase.

She will spawn adds three times in this fight, what you want to do is select all your party members and run to a far side of the map. This will funnel all the little dragonlings and make them easier for your tank to taunt them and it won't rape your other characters in the process. They have very low health so you can destroy them with a few AOE abilities just make sure not to hit yourself with friendly fire.Another reason to run to a side of the map is that not all the dragonlings will be aggresive. So once you deal with the main horde you can go back and clean up the rest of the dragons.

Each of these Add phases will get progressively harder, meaning.... she will spawn a regular elite dragon that has a good amount of health. But using the same strategy for gathering all the dragons on the tank will work here as well. Just focus on taking out the little dragons so that your not taking too much collateral damage if they are not controlled well.

The last add phase will probably be the most difficult to deal with, she will spawn 2 elite dragons. Just try to spread out your ranged guys so they don't get sucked in by the little dragons wing flap and if your tank is getting hammered hard try to kite a little bit till cooldowns are ready.

If you can deal with her add phases you basically won the fight, because her ground phase will always be the same and you won't have to adjust your strategy to deal with it.

This battle is just a test of your patience because she has an enourmously large health pool and the add phases take a few mins to deal with. But overall she's not very difficult.

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