Friday, April 22, 2011

Portal 2 Final Boss and End Credits

Portal 2 
A fantastic boss fight and cool ending conclude this great game. You can watch the strategy i used here or on my youtube channel if you are truly stumped. Though it's quite easy if you know most of the mechanics you were taught throughout the game.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portal 2 PC Low Resolution Textures Fix

 Portal 2
This is just a tweak i found on the steam forums that seems to fix the blurry low res textures on the PC version of Portal 2 even if you have the highest settings applied.  You need to enable the developer console in order to type in this command.

mat_picmip -1

once you type that in to the console you will get results like this.


click to enlarge


click to enlarge

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Portal 2 PS3 and Steam

Portal 2 
So there's details about how Steam will work on PS3 versions of Portal 2 on Valve's website.  There is one question there that i'd like to highlight.

Can two players play online co-op with each other using a single purchase of Portal 2 for PlayStation®3?

Only PlayStation®3 split-screen co-op can be played using a single copy of the game. When you purchase a new copy of Portal 2 for PlayStation®3, you will receive an in-box code which provides your linked Steam account with access to your copy of Portal 2 on your computer. The game is still owned by only a single Steam account--another copy will be required to play online co-op with a friend.
Basically it sounds like the game won't run on the PS3 if you don't have your Steam account linked to it.  Even makes it harder to sell on the used game market if you already used the code on your account.  So anyone hoping they could just use the code and use the PC copy and then sell their PS3 copy right away are going to be sorely disappointed.

I'll know for sure when i get the game Tuesday whether or not this is the case.  Because i know i was one of those folks who figured they could get a free PC copy and trade or sell their ps3 copy right away.  I'll post my results then.

Monday, April 11, 2011

2K Games Giveaway and Sales for 4 days on Steam

2K games is having a Steam sale on select titles.  Today is the Mafia franchise so if you were at all interested in buying any of those games.  Now is a good time to check out Steam.    Who knows what 2K will sell tommorow but it's nice to know that publishers are encouraging special sales once in awhile.

As for the games giveaway, you must join the 2K games Steam group for a chance to win their entire catalog.  You can visit their group page here for more details.

Monday - Mafia franchise
Tuesday - Bioshock franchise
Wednesday - Borderlands
Thursday -Civilization 5

Friday, April 8, 2011

Nvidia 270.51 beta drivers = Dragon Age 2 Performance Increase

Just posting this to confirm from my personal experience that installing these drivers will give you a significant increase in performance on the Very High settings of Dragon Age 2.  It's very playable on my GTX 480 now.   Though i kind of wished these drivers were released while i was actually playing Dragon Age 2 for the first time.