Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portal 2 PC Low Resolution Textures Fix

 Portal 2
This is just a tweak i found on the steam forums that seems to fix the blurry low res textures on the PC version of Portal 2 even if you have the highest settings applied.  You need to enable the developer console in order to type in this command.

mat_picmip -1

once you type that in to the console you will get results like this.


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Howard said...

Great stuff, I was wondering why I had blurry textures, I felt a bit disappointed when I saw the first bit of the game but I couldn't quite believe it was right as my graphic settings were set quite high. (I had played it earlier on a friends pc and it looked stunning).

I'm guessing this is something that Valve will get around to fixing at some point?

Marz said...

@Howard Yeah Valve is pretty good at squashing bugs for their own games. I'd be surprised if they didn't patch the fix.

Mike said...

Thanks for this, I will try it out now.

Mike said...

Ok it doesn't work for me, still blurred textures.