Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The problem of replaying a game to soon.

I don't know if it's just me but i seem to have this problem of not enjoying myself when playing through a game for the second time.   Especially if you explored most of the story in the first playthrough and since I'm fairly methodical when i play games i never really miss any content the first time through.  This is just a thought that occurred to me while trying to replay Dragon Age 2.   It's not that i didn't enjoy the game but the game itself was still fresh in my mind when i played it when it was first released.  I had this plan going into this second playthrough that i would go and play Dragon Age Origins again and go through the Awakenings expansion after that so i can create a tale that was specifically how i wanted to happen in this game world.   I enjoyed myself immensely while playing through the first game again but here's the thing.  I have not played DAO in about a year so it was a refreshing to experience all that content again.  Some moments that occurred i may have forgotten but when i watched was happening again it felt like i was experiencing it for the first time again.

So i guess what I'm saying is that there's a digesting period.   The game just doesn't seem to satisfying when you play a second playthrough in quick succession.  So maybe that's what I'll do with Dragon Age 2.   I played about three hours again with a new character and was basically bored out of my mind and rushing through all the dialog and combat so i can just experience the good parts of the game.  It's not what i want to do, i think i need to give the game a long break.  Then when i come back to it I'll be refreshed and happy to experience the game again.

Looking back at some of the games I've played it seems I have unconsciously done what I'm writing in this blog about for some games that i really enjoy.  The Mass Effect games which i enjoyed a lot i have played through multiple times but i did not go through a second playthrough right away.  I did take some fairly long breaks between playthroughs and that seemed to help me enjoy replaying those games immensely.

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