Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Boss Fight Strategies

Just posting a few videos i recorded on the hardest difficulty available. I probably make it look a little to easy. But in retrospect the bosses are somewhat simple and easy. I did not put the final boss battle in this post because honestly it's simple enough and i didn't want to spoil any story moments.

Lawrence Barrett

Mini Strat:

Obviously in my video i take him out pretty easily with rockets. But if you don't have a rocket launcher on hand you want to basically keep your distance as he will bull rush you. You can pop out get a few shots on him when his mini gun needs to cooldown. Use the items in the environment to slow him down like shooting barrels and fire hydrants to somewhat stun him and you'll be free to get a few shots on him. Rinse and repeat and hopefully you don't run out of ammo.

Yelena Fedorova

Mini Strat:

The EMP resistance augmentation will help the most for this boss battle. She will rush you and use a typhoon type maneuver on you. Use this to your advantage because if she is near a generator she will destroy it and shock herself. Which will give you plenty of time to put some ammo into her. EMP grenades are very effective against her as well so use them to disable her and gain more time to put more lead into her.

Jaron Namir

Mini Strat:

Third boss will be a little different, it can be made more difficult if you upgraded your biochip earlier in the story. Which will effectively disable your augmentations. If this does happen, you will want to stay behind cover, try to pop out and toss an EMP grenade if possible, get some bullets into Namir, and when he throws grenades at you run away and find a new place to hide behind cover. Namir will jump over walls which will let you see him for a brief period and that will be a good time to toss a grenade in the area where he will land.

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