Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Possible Team Fortress 2 Black Screen on Startup Fix

So maybe about a week I was frustrated with Team Fortress 2 as it crashed every time I started the game.  I only wanted to play the Man Vs Machine mode which was introduced a few days ago.  So I did what most people on the forums would tell you to do and re-install the game or verify your cache files.  But those weren't working.   People also suggested to re-install graphics drivers but that also worked to no avail.   The solution to my problem was so weird that i didn't even think of it as a possible solution.   So what worked?

Turn off Fraps.

I thought it was weird too that TF2 would react harshly with Fraps running but this was the fix, that let me play the game for the first time in a long time.  So if you are having problems getting TF2 to run than maybe this is what is happening to you as well.   Version 3.5.6 was the version of Fraps I was running when i encountered this problem.