Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Best Level 80 Gold Farming Spot in Guild Wars 2

Everyone wants to find the golden ticket when they get to level 80 whether it's by crafting, gathering, farming monsters, or pvping.  I've tried various ways to make income at level 80 and while i don't think it's the most lucrative way to make gold in Guild Wars 2, it's probably the most easy and efficient way to farm raw materials from salvage and also get a ton of blue, green, yellow(rare) items from killing monsters.

Now the spot you are looking for is in Cursed Shore in the Ruins of Orr.  There are two event spots at Penitent's Waypoint and Shelter's Gate waypoint.  They are about 5 minute events that occur very frequently and you can basically travel from each event through a safe tunnel. Each event is basically a wave based survival encounter and all you need is a decent AoE spell or ability to tag monsters as they spawn.  The picture below is basically where you will find this farming spot, each circled area is where the event will occur and the line simply marks the tunnel you can travel from each spot.

Spot in Cursed Shore to look for.

I recommend eating some magic find food and having ample bag space as it will get filled before you notice it.