Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Few Things Nintendo Can Do To Improve The Wii U

I was an early adopter of the Wii U and if you were like me you were certainly excited to check it out but then you just got a small bitter taste in your mouth on how Nintendo is handling some things like the interface, their networking features, and games.  This is just a short list of what I would like to see improved.

1. It's SLOW!

One thing you will notice off the bat is at how responsive the interface and menu is on the console.   It should not take more than five seconds to navigate between menus.  This is a very serious problem if it isn't addressed in the next month or so.

2. Improve the Miiverse

The Miiverse is probably one of the most interesting parts of the Wii U.  The social features are pretty unique from a video game console standpoint and this could be pretty special if it is improved upon over the course of the console's life.  A few improvements I would like to see is the ability to assign friends to different groups.  Sort of like Google+ circles, where I can assign friends for example to "real life friends" and then make another group of "internet acquaintances".  The Miiverse should also just become the friend's list in general as the separation between friend's list and Miiverse just adds a bit confusion to the process.

3. Get Those Iconic Game Franchises Rolling In

This is a no brainer because I feel any early adopter bought the system for the promise of great first party games.  While New Super Mario Bros Wii U is a decent start I think more people would have preferred a brand new 3d platforming Mario game which is quite possibly in the works already.  Another Super Mario RPG would be out of left field but awesome at the same time but I doubt it will happen.  But Mario isn't the only franchise Nintendo has close to our hearts, here's just a quick list of franchises that need an appearance in the HD era.

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Metroid Prime
  • Pokemon (RPG or another Snap game)
  • Star Fox
  • Kirby
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Fire Emblem
  • Golden Sun
4. Better Quality Assurance Of Third Party Games
I think it is imperative for Nintendo to be stricter on third party ports.  It's tragic that games like Batman Arkham City and Epic Mickey 2 release which such broken framerate problems.  It leaves a sour taste in the consumer's mouth.  Third party support is important but at the same time you can't just release games in a somewhat problematic state.

5. Cater to Indie Studios
Everyone wants to see the eShop filled with a great selection of indie titles as $60 dollar titles aren't in everyone's budget.  So if Nintendo is accommodating to indie game studios by perhaps by loosening up certification requirements and making the patching process painless.  This could attract more developers to fill that shop with some great games.  
There is great potential in the Wii U, and hopefully Nintendo doesn't lose focus trying to find an identity for the console.  If they support it fully, get games rolling in at a steady pace then there isn't any cause for concern for the future of the console.