Thursday, November 15, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic is Now Free To Play

I've spent a good time playing SWTOR when it was subscription based and had a pretty good time with the game.   Is it still worth your time?   I would say yes it is worth playing if you are at all interested in a quality MMORPG.  I think some of the class stories are of Triple-A quality and if you were wanting to try playing SWTOR as a single player game you could actually do that and be satisfied.  There are some restrictions of course, but as far as I can see you can play through any class story up to the max level and get all that story content basically for free.

So cartel coins are the new currency which you use real currency to buy and I will post a bunch of screenshots below of what you can buy.   I think some of the stuff is reasonable, but stuff like... additional quickbars?  really?