Thursday, March 21, 2013

Games I've Been Playing - March 2013

I think it's been a pretty slow year in terms of games that have interested me but I'll go ahead and give my thoughts on some of the games I've been playing this month.

Starcraft 2 - Heart of the Swarm

I think what I am most impressed about Heart of the Swarm so far is the way it is telling the story.  I have not seen any other RTS deliver a proper story in the same kind of way.  You can tell Blizzard spent a decent chunk of money to create the CG cutscenes and story elements.  While interactions and conversations aren't as interesting as the Wings of Liberty stuff it is still pretty cool to go around and talk with zerg creatures about how to approach missions and whatnot.
As for gameplay in the campaign I think most of it is fairly interesting so far.  Most of it revolves controlling Kerrigan who plays a major role in each mission and is basically your go to unit to achieve victory.  It almost feels like cheating having her around all the time.  The upgrade systems work a bit differently than Wings of Liberty but you effectively enhance each of your units with a special power.  For example zerglings have two upgrade paths, one evolution is that you can have them able to leap up and down from cliffs or evolve them to spawn three at a time instead of the usual single unit.  Kerrigan also works in a similar way, she can gain levels and at various tiers she can gain a new ability from two different branches of power, you can freely respec abilities so it's not a deep commitment into what abilities you want to use which is a big change from Wings Of Liberty
Don't want to make this sound like a review as I'm only around the halfway point in the game but I still feel that Heart of the Swarm is a great RTS for what I have played so far.   I still haven't gotten deep into the multiplayer but that is mostly due to being scared of getting blown away by people who have been playing since Starcraft 2's launch.

World Of Warcraft - 5.2 patch

I've sort of been playing Mists Of Pandaria the past few months, though I pretty much don't log in as often as i used to.   But 5.2 content patch was released recently and I've been doing a few of the new LFR(Raid Finder) instances.   While the difficulty isn't up to par with normal raid instances I still enjoy them but I don't know if it's MMO fatigue or what I feel that the boss encounters just don't feel unique anymore.   It's like all the design aspects of a raid encounter have been exhausted, some may be due to some mechanics being stripped out for LFR and some of it is just reuse of older boss mechanics.     I think my time in WoW is winding down to it's end but I still enjoyed Mists of Pandaria alot more than Cataclysm.

Bioshock Infinite

The game is under my radar so i'll leave this spot blank for now but it's probably the biggest release to come out this year so far.  

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